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See what others had to say about our courses!!

​"Wonderful refresher course for known terms and introduction to new terminology! I was sad to see the packet end. Would love more courses like this!" Ann Holton, CCR

"Great way to get CE credits. Found it to be interesting (all the legal terms). Enjoyed discovering how much I knew about legal definitions. The crossword puzzle was awesome!" Ernestine Jordan, CCR

"I really enjoyed doing the crossword puzzle. I never knew reviewing legal terms could be so much fun! Thank you for making a correspondence course so easy to understand, affordable and fun!" Susan Riggs, CCR

"This was, without a doubt, the best continuing education activity to date!  (And I've been a reporter for 25 years!!)  Thank you!" 

"This was absolutely the most beneficial, productive and fun activity I've had since I've been a reporter.  Congratulations!"  Juliana ("Tink") Creech, CCR

"I appreciate an at-home course this year due to scheduling conflicts.  Well organized and good instructions.  Please continue offering a variety of at-home courses for those who have a hard time fitting in live seminars, etc."  Chirsty Freyberg, CCR

  • .5 for Iowa
  • .5 for Kentucky
  • .5 for Nevada 
  • .5 for Minnesota
  • .5 for New Hampshire
  • .5 for New Mexico
  • .5 for North Carolina
  • .5 for Ohio
  • .5 for Tennessee
  • .5 for Utah
  • .5 for Washington
  • .5 for NCRA  
  • 5 for NVRA - We submit your request for credit 
  • .5 for Alabama
  • .5 for Alaska
  • .5 for Arkansas
  • .5 for Arizona if you are a member of NCRA and 5 if you are a member of NVRA
  • .5 for Connecticut
  • .5 for Florida if you are a member of NCRA and 5 if you are a member of NVRA 
  • .5 for Hawaii
  • .5 for Illinois

Thank you for choosing Absolute Reporting's Continuing Education Correspondence Courses. These courses are developed to renew or expand your knowledge of legal and medical terminology.

If you order with the order form, you will receive your course within 1 to 3 business days of ordering. If you order through the online store, you will receive a download link with your receipt to the e-mail you used to pay with. After you have completed the course, you will send the complete course materials and paperwork back to mandy@absolutereporting.com or fax to (888) 883-6434. We will send you your certificate and the necessary forms as soon as possible in order for you to file your credit request with GBCR or NCRA and we will notify NVRA of your completion.

Courses currently available:
  • "Fun with Medical Terminology" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This test is approved for GA, NCRA and NVRA.
  • "Fun with Medical Terminology II" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This test is currently approved for GA, and awaiting approval for NCRA and NVRA.
  • "Fun with Legal Terminology" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This test is approved for GA, NCRA and NVRA.
  • "Fun with Legal Terminology II" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This test is not approved for GA - NCRA and NVRA Only.
  • "Fun with Forensics" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This is not approved for GA - NCRA and NVRA only.
  • "Commonly Misused Words" - $110 for all States and Organizations. This test is approved for GA, NCRA and NVRA.
  • All courses are currently approved by the NVRA for 5 hours each and pre-qualified by the Self-Study Task Force for NCRA for .5 CEUs.  Commonly Misused Words, Fun with Medical Terminology I, Fun with Medical Terminology II, and Fun with Legal Terminology are currently approved by the Board of Court Reporting for Georgia for 5 credit hours. We are also in the process of developing more courses which we hope will be available by the end of the year. Below is a complete list of approved states.

Continuing Education

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